Our Video Marketing Services

If you are looking to start a video marketing strategy than you are just in time. Let us help you gain the tremendous benefits from video marketing. Did you know it is estimated that by 2019 over 80 percent of the online content will be in the form of video? In recent years we have seen video marketing explode. Youtube is not the only medium to share your video with now. With platforms like Vine, Snapchat, Fb, and Instagram, brands have figured out that video allows for something that text does not. That is the immediate, real and authentic route of interaction and connectivity with audience members.

Our Video Marketing Process

When creating your video marketing plan there are several factors to consider. Do your videos require written transcripts that can be easily printed? Have the video been optimized with the best possible titles, descriptions, and tags, are these being used for your new websites design? If not what social media sites will they be used on or for what email campaign they are being earmarked for. All those questions and more need to be answered. This part of the process that New Wave Marketing covers.

We Start By Creating Your Strategy

Once we have determined what type of video we will be marketing (product launch, Webinar, etc, etc) we now need to do some research on how well this type of videos will do. We will determine which if any of your competitors are already using videos, see what is working and what is not. New Wave Marketing will also make sure to understand your audience thereby helping to spread the message in a way that will generate a lot feedback and comments. People today trust the reviews of their peers. We will help build that trust from the start by speaking directly to your customers through videos to establish a pure relationship.


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