Are your Social Media Marketing efforts falling on deaf ears? Let New Wave Marketing' social media services get you back into the arena, with a well thought out social media strategy.  We offer social media packages for all the major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more. Social media can be difficult to get a handle on. With so many different types of personalities, creating the right content can be a challenge. Find out how our process works.



The first step that we do when starting your social media plan is to make sure that we have everything we need. First, we research your current standings and followers to see what is holding your brand back, we then look at your social analytics to get an even better understanding. Second, we brake up all your followers into groups according to personality types or Buyer Persons). Third, we build your strategy, which means we need to gather up your content, make sure it has all been optimized, make sure we have all our banners, graphics and videos we need for our upcoming week's posts. Then we post and monitor daily.

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Facebook Marketing

Instagram has huge potential for brands, we find that food, travel, and fashion along with a few other industries do really well. Instagram has over 800 million users and there are 25 million businesses already using Instagram in their social media marketing strategy. Also, the advertising cost on Instagram is affordable to even those businesses on a budget. Understanding Instagram and learning how to use their # to generate more visits is the key to your success along with great content. We offer many different Instagram packages for small to medium sized businesses. Contact us today to start your free Instagram consultation.

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