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SEO for Small Canadian Retailers and Why You Gotta Use It

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Whether you have a dedicated online store, a brick and mortar or both having the proper online marketing strategy will almost definitely include SEO.

E-commerce is a highly competitive and cut throat business. You have to arm yourself with the tools and know how to make your site a cut above the rest.  Every day new sites are being added to the search engines in hopes of getting a piece of the vast amounts of opportunities that are available online, especially here in Canada.  And for good reason, check out the research below.

  • over 47% of Canadian consumers conduct a broad online search prior to purchase

  • Over 42% consult customer review sites before buying search online to find the best place to buy

  • Over 41% buy products or services online

  • Over 45% of those that searched for product info online still purchased via traditional retail.

  • More than 73% of users don’t go past the first page of SERP’S (search engine result page ).

  • 71% don’t go past the first 5 results.

  • Only 10% go to the 3rd result.

  • 4.5% go to the 5th result.

 An RBC report showed that although Canada retail sales in Canada reached a whopping 10 billion this year most of the profit went to our friends in the south and from other places around the globe. Most Canadian small retailers have not or think that they can get away without having a proactive, multi-platform strategy that is essential in today’s business word.

Each day, more and more sites are competing to optimize their sites and rankings in the search engines and if you let your guard for one moment, you will be left in the dreaded abyss filled with so many other failed e-commerce sites.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy that is widely used today by many e-commerce sites for the last decade and will continue to be a major piece of the online marketing mix. 

I have shown you from the above research why you need not only to be online but, why it is essential to grab a hold of high rankings for your products or “keywords”.


How Can SEO Help

Just what is the hoopla about SEO and do you have to use it? The answer to why you have to use it is an easy one if you read the research. In most cases when it comes to ecommerce you will need search engine optimization to be able to obtain the traffic you desire, or to at least generate some income from your site.

With search engine optimization you will get the benefit of generating a high traffic volume and if your site is well designed and easy to navigate sales are sure to follow.

Imagine having hundreds if not thousands of people walking into your store on a weekly basis. Just the sheer numbers would mean a successful week in sales. That is what SEO can do your small retail business.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of work could be expensive and may take some time to reach your goal depending on the industry of course. You will first need to start with a SEO friendly website if you don’t already have one. If you start with a SEO friendly web site you will save yourself time, money and heart ache. You don’t want find out that the company you hired did not even perform the basic SEO that is required like. Your Meta tags, Alt Tags, making sure your source code passes validation, making sure that you have site map installed so the search engine bots can scroll your site and the other important on page SEO elements.

You are going to also need to write or rewrite your sites contents so that you can get the right keyword phrases in your site without making it too commercial but rather light and informative, which is what the search engines are looking for. There are certain rules and guidelines to be followed with making your site’s content acceptable to the search engines, especially Google. Content Marketing is an important element when creating your SEO strategy. So be careful!

You will also need to get high quality links to your site. The more inbound, high quality links from highly trusted sources you have the more traffic you will receive as this is one of Googles major algorithms when deciding on how where to rank a website. This combined with how long people stay on your site and other factors are important ranking factors for Google.

If you don’t have the time but are willing to part with some money, there are many companies such as New Wave Marketing in Montreal that can help you with your campaign.

Act now and see the benefits garnered from search engine optimization.

Charles Cawlishaw

New Wave Marketing

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