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Our Email Marketing Services

Are your Email Marketing Efforts going straight to trash? Then call us today. New Wave Marketing offers affordable email marketing services that will help increase sales and have people sitting and waiting for your next email offer to come through. We also offer a number of services that will only increase your chances of a successful email campaign like our content services, SEO and video marketing services. 


Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers up to date on upcoming sales, giveaways, company news and more. A well-designed email with the right message at the right time can really help to increase sales for your business.  When creating your email marketing strategy we need to first study your current strategy assuming you have one. Once we have all the necessary information we can start to prepare your strategy

We Start By Creating Your Strategy

The most important aspect of any email campaign is the list. Our job is to help grow and nurture that email marketing list. When done properly you will see the number of opened emails rise and you will see a considerable increase in the click-through ratio of your emails. 


Inquire About Our Email Services

New Wave Marketing offers affordable email marketing packages starting at only 250$ per month. Contact us today and get a free one hour consultation.