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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an extremely important online marketing tool in our arsenal. SEO is not just about your meta titles and H1 tags, link building, cocitations, conversions and all the other elements people argue about being important. SEO is about all those elements combined. Seo can bring you mass amounts of traffic from search engines like Google but if not done right it can also damage your standing in the search engines. New Wave Marketing has been successfully ranking it's West Island client in the search engines for over 7 years. See our process below.


SEO affects many aspects of your website's success. There is a process to SEO that must be followed the same as with content, web design, social media, email marketing and even your video marketing. See how our process works.

Our SEO process starts with a keyword research and competitive analysis
Now it is time to devise your websites SEO strategy
Now wear ready to implement our SEO strategy
After a few weeks we want to start to go over all of your analytics to see how our SEO efforts are dong
Keyword Research/Competitive Analysis

The first step in planning your SEO strategy is performing a competitive analysis and a keyword research. By doing this as well as reading through any analytical data you might have we can start to uncover valuable information that will help us in our SEO efforts. The research allows us to see what your competitors are up to, what has been working and what hasn't. It can uncover some points of entry into your market that you were unaware of. Keyword research will also help us to discover what will be the best keywords for your website and approximately how much money it will cost to achieve first page rankings. That is just the tip of the iceberg there is so much more data that can be useful. Call us today for your free consultation.

Our SEO process starts with a keyword research and competitive analysis
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