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New Wave Marketing is an online company serving Montreal, Quebec Canada. The founder started this business after working in the industry for 6 years because there was no way a small business owner could afford a lot of the services associated with online marketing. Charles thought to himself that if he could only find a way to really help the little guy get ahead that would mean more to him than a watching another fortune 500 company take the spotlight. New Wave Marketing was born from that thought.


When New Wave Marketing started it was a one-man show. Charles did everything from web design, SEO, social media to content creation while maintaining sales and making sure that all deadlines were respected. "It was very hard the first few years but I got used it" he said.


It is almost 9 years later and we have grown to a team of about 6 people depending on the size of the project. We still deal a lot with the little guys but we are also starting to take on bigger projects and we are looking forward to what the future holds.